Preparing Your Home for Granite Countertops

We are ecstatic that you have decided upon one of the most elegant, exclusive, and practical countertop surfaces available. Due to the unique characteristics of natural stone and its installation, we want you to be aware of the following points:

  1. Templating Visit (Approx: two hours):
  2. Templates are made from over existing countertops and/or new cabinets.
  3. Please clear all countertops completely by removing items.
  4. New cabinets must be installed prior to template date.
  5. The location of the seam is discussed with the home owner by our crew.
  6. Customer is welcome to choose their own slabs.
  7. Location of all faucet holes and accessories are discussed.

We shall need cook-top, sink and faucets cut out manuals. If the sink under mount you Must have it on site for our crew to bring back to our shop.

Cook-top & sink cutouts will be per manufacture’s template.

Installation Visit (Approx: 3-4 hours):

  1. If we are removing your old countertops we will disconnect the sink, faucets and cook–top and throw all that away for disposal. (an additional cost to be determined at the time of the estimate), our crew is very experienced and careful; however there is a chance that your dry wall, wallpapers, trims, tiles or other wall covering may be damaged. We will not be responsible for any repairs.
  2. Prior to our arrival you must remove all fragile items from the work area and all drawers from base cabinets.
  3. You must have your cooking surface, sink, accessories and faucets on site to confirm the cut-out dimensions.
  4. Our installers will be moving heavy countertops and working with dangerous equipment, Please stay away for safety.
  5. We use very strong adhesive for seams. These chemicals emit strong odors that should go away within an hour.  Please ensure that you stay away from the work area including pets & children.
  6. After the installation, we will clean the immediate areas.

After installation is complete:

Once the job is completed our lead installer will do a detailed inspection of the job with the customer. If everything is to your satisfaction you are required to pay any balance due to us.

We will give an information how to care and maintenance your new stone countertops. Please familiarize yourself with this important information. Please call us on 770.645.0042 if you have any question.