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Please check at bottom of the page our unbitable Quartz Installed prices started at $42 per SQFT Frost White

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Quartz Price List

$46-47 per SQFT
Frost White
Iced Gray

$47-49 per SQFT
Almond Roca
Bayshore sand
Ice White
Pebble Rock
Sparkling White ($42)
Carrera Moro ($56)
New Carrera Marami ($54)
$50 per SQFT
Arctic White ($48)
Ash Gray
Desert Bloom
Ivory Cream
Manhattan Gray ($53)
Median Gray($53)
Peppercorn White
Snow White

$56 per SQFT
Carrera Marami($54)
Carrera Mist($53)
Fossil Brown($54)
Fossil Gray ($53)
Fossil Taupe($53)
Midnight Majesty ($55)
Mystic Gray
Pearl Gray
Shell White
Sparkling Black
Stellar White
Toasted Almond

$62 per SQFT
Fossil Gray -Matte($55)
Midnight Majesty-concrete($59)

$62 per SQFT
Calico White($61)
Contrecto ($60)
Carrera Grigio
Carrera Iris ($66)
Carrera Lomos ($57)
Lagos Azul
Montclair White
Romano White
Sahara Beige
Shedow Gray ($61)
Soapstone Metropolis ($68)
Soapstone Mist ($68)
Calcatta Ultra($72)

Quartz Price List

$71 per SQFT
Antico Cloud ($68)
Alabaster White ($69)
Babylon Gray  ($66)
Calacatta Statuary Classique($64)
Callacatta Venice ($65)
Calacatta Verona ($66)
Callacatta Vicenza($66)
Carrera Caladia($67)
Cascade White NA
Chantilly Taupe ($67)
Fairy White ($62)
Gray Lagon ($62)
Mara Blanca ($62)
Pacific Salt

Statuary Classique

Soap Stone Mist ($67)


$74 per SQFT
Matte /Concrete Finish
Calacatta Vicenza-Matte ($67)
Babylon Gray -Concrete ($66)
Gray Lagon-Concrete ($66)

Callacatta Trevi ($68)

Calacatta Leon

$69 per SQFT
Blanca Arabescato ($68)
Blanca Statuarietto ($69)
Calacatta Botanica ($74)
Cashmere Carrara ($69)
Charka Beige($69)
Macaubus Wave
Marquita Midnight
Pelican White ($68)
Portico Cream ($74)
Primum Plus White($67)
Rolling Fog ($76)
Smoked Pearl ($69)

Calacatta Montage ($64)

Calacatta Ida ($74)

$74 per SQFT
Glacier White ($72)
Lido Blanco ($78)
Marbella White ($73)
Perla White ($68)
Vena Carbona ($79)

$79 per SQFT
Calacatta Largo
Calacatta Laza($77)
Calacatta Lucia($86)
Calacatta Naples($87)
Urban Lava-Concrete ($87)

Calacatta Arno ($86)

Calacatta Clara ($86)

Calacatta Lago

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